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Average road rage shootings jump from 22 to 44 a month in 2 years, according to study

Orangeburg man guilty of assaulting officer | Crime & Courts |

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Randall J. Lawley, 46, of 343 Shillings Bridge Road, Orangeburg, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest, leaving the scene of an accident involving an unattended vehicle
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Is Anger Related to Anxiety

Often anger is rooted in anxiety especially for men. Get help today for your anxiety and your anger by taking our online anger management! National Expert!
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Why Do We Obsess and Worry about the Past and Future | Anger Management

We may feel like we are being helpful by preventing our loved ones from struggling, but we are not allowing them to learn how to effectively manage adversity.
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North Charleston domestic violence murder suspect shot wife once before | WCIV

A North Charleston woman was shot to death Thursday, Sept. 26, in what police are calling a domestic violence incident involving a husband and wife. Criminal records show it wasn’t the first time the husband shot his wife. Now more than 24 hours after the fatal shooting, police are still searching for suspect Romane Clare. Thursday’s shooting was reported around 9 p. m. at the residence of Romane and Ebony Clare, along the 4300 block of Whitney Drive, according to North Charleston Police.
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David Eason: Okay, Fine, Maybe I Have an Anger Problem – The Hollywood Gossip

David Eason is reportedly ready to accept help. He now admits he has a major anger problem.
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