Anger Management Techniques

Learn anger management techniques and make your life better today with D’Arienzo Psychological Group. See our links below to access or to learn more about our online courses.

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Anger Management Techniques That Work:

  1. Count your anger off. Depending on the level of anger will determine how high you will need to count. As a general rule, count to 20 and focus on the consequences of getting angry. If you are still fuming, continue to count. Do not make a decision to act until you are calm.
  2. Take a walk. Exercise works great to lessen anger by expending tension and energy. It is not a good idea to hit or kick an object because you could injure yourself and when we act with aggression it leads to increased aggression.
  3. Engage in deep breathing exercises. I prefer the use of diaphragmatic breathing which causes the relaxation response. It is important to inhale through your nose for three to four seconds, pause for three to four seconds, exhale through your mouth for three to four seconds, and then pause again for three to four seconds and repeat the entire process. While you breathe, attempt to isolate how you breath to using your diaphragm rather than filling your chest. Instead, your stomach should feel as if it is filling with air and then emptying the air. While you are breathing, focus on keeping the other parts of the body still while relaxing. Once you feel your heart rate decrease, you are free to move.
  4. Call a friend or family member. Seeking support from a trusted individual is a fantastic way to calm yourself. Not only can they be supportive, but they can remind you about the potential consequences of your behavior.
  5. Seek the help of a psychologist, therapist, or counselor, or consider taking an online class. All are effective methods in addressing your anger problem. Ensure that the professional whom you choose, utilizes cognitive behavioral strategies as these techniques have been shown to be the most effective in helping people control anger.


If you have questions about anger management treatment, contact our office in Jacksonville, Florida. We are an international provider of anger management courses. See our main site at to discover more information about us.


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